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carmen's foodie adventures Vancouver restaurantsone thing i love about my city is the ability to easily fulfill any food craving i have. with its multiculturalism, vancouver has a vast array of cuisines and restaurants to choose from, which is one reason i could never leave my hometown. i have grown to appreciate and enjoy the activity of eating out and trying new restaurants. i also believe that a love for eating out stems from the early stages of your life, and for myself, that stands true. my family owned a delicious chinese restaurant growing up. i’ve slept on rows of chairs at our restaurant, grew up there, helped out as much as a twelve year old could do and although it wasn’t glamourous, i don’t regret it one bit. apart from our own restaurant, my parents would take me out each week to other chinese restaurants. needless to say, i have been around restaurants my whole life.  i want to be able to carry on that tradition and continue to dine out, even if i do appreciate home cooking as well.
collage finalmy mind and opinions wander quite frequently when pertaining to food. i don’t have a set cuisine i love, it just depends on what i’m craving. but my top three choices currently would have to be japanese (sushi & rolls, not tapas or hot dishes), vietnamese, and dessert places. as for drinks, i love beer. i am an avid beer lover & drinker, even though i don’t get to enjoy it as much as i would like. i do enjoy my pint of guiness, or something lighter and hoppy like krounenbourg blanc.  usually, i can’t choose which is why i love getting the sample sizes, or “paddles” as they call it at st. aug’s pub! life is too short for just one beer. apart from beer, i love my asian drinks just as much, such as hong kong milk tea, hong kong lemon tea, horlick, or chinese almond milk!

with that said, i look forward to sharing my food adventures with you, fellow reader! thank you for your support.

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