Sockeye City Grill, Steveston

After months of patiently waiting for the weather to get warmer in Vancouver, it has finally come (for good? A girl can hope!). The boyfriend decided to surprise me and take me here for a special occasion, and I could not think of a better day to go. The skies were blue, the water was calm, the air was fresh, and the temperature was hot. There’s something special in the air when you’re on the pier. Maybe it’s the fresh air combined with the waves, whatever it is, I am in love with it. I’ve always wanted to go to San Fran and visit their boardwalks or piers there, but Steveston will have happily do. Originally, we were planning to go to Pajos, but the lineup was very long and we wanted somewhere that we could sit comfortably and enjoy the view. So after walking around, we decided on going to Sockeye City Grill because they had nice patio seats and stunning view.
image (7)There was another restaurant right beside this one we were going to go to, but after checking our phones, we saw that it had an abysmal 28% with almost 200 user votes. I’ve never seen a rating so low save for Kiwawa in Metrotown, so I’m glad we saw that before we went to that place.
image (3)We were seated promptly on the patio. Here is a picture of our lovely view. There was a loud family next to us with a crying baby, so of course, things weren’t 100% perfect but the parents managed to keep the crying controlled for the sake of other customers. While we were sitting here, I noticed many other visitors would glance over and stare at our food as they walked by. A lot of people there that day seemed like tourists, which explained why.
image (2)The boyfriend decided on getting the two piece cod fish and chips ($18). Yes, the prices here are going to be a bit pricier because Steveston is a tourist area and the seafood is also fresh, local, and wild. Originally, I wasn’t going to have much because I didn’t want anything oily or greasy that day, but it was so good I ended up having more than one bite. The cod was so juicy and fresh. I’ve never had such fresh fish and chips before! The batter was also very crispy, and the tartar sauce accentuated the juiciness of the cod even more. I felt like our cod tasted like a higher grade of fish (it’s the cheapest type of fish on the menu) because it was that good! The pieces were also very large. A lot of places have their batter really big so it looks like the fish inside is too, when it actually isn’t but this wasn’t the case. YUM!
image (5)As for me, I got their large seafood chowder. I was a bit disappointed because there wasn’t much variety of seafood in it. I only tasted a few pieces of cod inside. At least what small amount of seafood I had in here was juicy and delicious though. There was a lot of vegetables in here. I found the taste to be a bit bland, but improved a lot when I sprinkled some salt and pepper to it.
image (6)To add to the semi-disappointing chowder, I added the bread bowl for $3. However, I didn’t realize that the bread bowl meant that it would come in its own baskets. I thought it meant that the actual bowl for the soup would be bread. :( Oh well, the bread was good at least. It was soft and doughy, and tasted good when dipped in the chowder.
photo (14)Here is a bonus and random picture of Steveston, I just thought it looked very pretty (save for the garbage bin…oops). Overall, our visit to Sockeye City Grill (what a mouthful! haha) was decent. I would recommend getting their fish and chips rather than the seafood chowder. The service was also nice and attentive. We were sitting almost at the end of the patio, but the server made a point to ask us every so often about how everything was tasting. Our hostess also asked us if we preferred a table with lots of sun, or shade, and then proceeded to give us the best seat available. If you want a to enjoy a nice and comfortable lunch at Steveston, I would recommend this place.
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