Chez Meme Baguette Bistro, N. Burnaby

I have came here a few times already, but haven’t had the chance to blog about it since I only started my site three months ago! Chez Meme is a cute little locally owned French cafe along Hastings Street. Once in awhile, they will open on weekends, which you can check on their menu board in store but otherwise, they are only open weekday morning & afternoons. It was David’s birthday (happy birthday!), and I suggested that we come here again for brunch, since we always have a good experience.
photo (3)We got there at 11am, where there were still a few seats open. I figured that because it was a rainy day, it wasn’t as busy as I expected it to be, but I’m glad that we made the reservation anyways. After 15 minutes, a line started to form, so now I know what time is the best to go if I want to avoid the line up. As you can tell, the place is pretty small but it is also owned by a husband and wife team. I’ve seen another server help out during busier days, but I’m pretty sure the wife runs the front of the house by herself, as she did during this visit.

photoHere is one side of the menu, with all their delicious baguettes! They are well known for the baguettes, so it was obvious what my choice was.  Being a French cafe, they also have an extensive wine and espresso drink menu which is posted on their wall.
photo (2)After coming here many times, I had my heart set on the nordique baquette!  The nordique baguette consisted of smoked salmon, cream cheese, dill, and onion. It was the perfect combination and made my taste buds do a happy dance. Their baguettes were light and chewy, which complimented the heaviness of the cream cheese. Even then, there was a perfect amount of cream cheese to go with the smoked salmon. The dill and onion accentuated the flavours of the salmon and cream cheese, making everything in the baguette flourish. For my choice of sides, I chose their soup because they always have really good soup. Today was the zucchini and basil soup, which tasted really flavourful. It had a puree texture to it. I enjoyed my dish very much, and have no complaints about it.
photo (1)David chose the cordon bleu baguette, which consisted of black forest ham, chicken, emmenthal (type of cheese), and a dijon mustard sauce for dipping. The chicken was wrapped inside the ham, which was slightly grilled making some parts of the ham crispy and delicious. We both agreed that the dijon mustard was very overpowering. It almost tasted like wasabi! There was a generous amount of fries, but they didn’t taste that great and were really oily. He regretted not ordering the soup, because mine was delicious. We both agreed that we are getting soup as a side next time we come here.

Our bill came to $25, which I think was reasonable considering how delicious our baguettes were. The only thing disappointing was the fries but that is easily overlooked when you take into account their other items. Even though there was only one server (the co-owner), she was very attentive and friendly. She also speaks to you in French at times, and has a French accent, which adds to the overall experience of a French bistro. Looking over at other table’s dishes also looked very delicious as well, I would love to try another item on their menu when I come back here!


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