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Ha! This is probably the most ironic post I’ll ever write because I am probably the worst 20-something year old crafter, drawer, diy-er in the world. I seriously can’t be bothered by craft instructions, nor do I have the patience to sit for hours on end sewing or gluing piece by piece. I’m the type […]

Salmon Sashimi

I have been waiting for ages for that perfect, authentic Japanese sushi restaurant with quality sashimi, great service, and convenience. I’m happy to say I have finally found said place, by the name of Kazu located in North Burnaby. Kazu opened up last month, and replaced Kokoro (which was pretty bad to me, to be […]

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After a night out in Richmond, my friends and I were looking for a late night cafe to go to apart from our usual Well Tea. The past two times we went, they were sold out of pearls and/or something else that I forgot, so we wanted to try someplace new and get to know […]

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After a failed attempt and bad beginning at Kamei Baru, my girlfriends and I all agreed that we didn’t want to stay, and decided to see what else was around the neighbourhood. As we took our first steps out the restaurant and recovered from the awkwardness of telling the waitress there, an Italian place by […]


Another round of oven roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, salad, and all the great feasting (and pounds) that Thanksgiving brings. I often focus too much on the negatives in life, and give myself a hard time in order to “fix” situations that I can’t really control. It’s something I do a lot, and time goes […]

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I’m not a fancy dim sum diner. Most of the places I go with friends or family are pretty casual, your typical semi-sketchy Chinese restaurant with questionable English descriptions, mysteriously stained carpets, and disgusting washrooms that haven’t been cleaned in eons as a restaurant attempt to save money. I’m joking…. maybe (not). But hey, I’m […]

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Last month, the boyfriend and I decided to go for a Greek date night. We had been craving Greek food for a month probably, but never got the chance to go. That was a pretty good week, as we also had a really good night at Cactus Club Cafe and he actually ended up writing […]


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