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As I was mentioning in part 1, I decided to split this post up because it would just be way too long for one post. If you’re just reading this now, these two posts are a review of the Estee Lauder Fall/Winter 2014 Media Preview Event that I went to two weeks ago. I also […]

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Disclaimer:┬áThese contacts are FDA and ISO approved, and sterile. FDA means that they are approved for use in the States, while ISO is the international health standard institution. The ISO was formed since countries have their different standards of “safe” for many products, so it’s a way to harmonize the requirements for safe contact lenses […]


Finding new places to eat in downtown Vancouver is definitely not hard, especially with the addition of food trucks popping up on every corner! My coworker and I had a small list of places we wanted to go to, including the famous Hamburger 2.85 food truck. I was sold and set on going after reading […]

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(Updated Sept 2014) The Richmond Night Market is back for another Summer! I love coming here for the cheap things you can buy, even though a lot of the products are very cheaply made and questionable… and of course, the food! I went with a few friends and it was actually their first time at […]

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One of the products I received from the Estee Lauder Fall/Winter 2014 Media Preview was their perfectionist, youth infusing foundation. I mentioned this briefly in my media preview post, but I finally had the opportunity to try it out. Honestly, the name “youth infusing” sounds a bit strange to me and seems to create a […]

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After a turn of unexpected events, my friends and I found ourselves hungry in Coquitlam one sunny afternoon. We never go to Coquitlam, and were at a lost for ideas. Minutes passed as we uncomfortably sat in my friend’s leather seat car while our thighs burned from the sun, looking up place to place on […]

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Hello beautiful readers :)! The Lancome Hypnose Star mascara came with my Sephora glitz and glam makeup sampler kit last Christmas. To be honest, I haven’t really used it much until now because I have waaayy too many mascaras and I don’t normally wear mascara. My lashes seem to have a problem with mascara, because […]


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